COVID-19 Response




Hello, we are dedicated to keeping our church and any visitors up to date with, the latest news from our conference and, how we as a church family are reacting to the spread of COVID-19.

Church is Online!

We have a zoom Sabbath School class each Sabbath morning starting at 9:30am. Please contact Pastor Sean if you would like to be added to the email list and receive the zoom link.

A prerecorded service will be posted to the front page of our website by 10:00am every Sabbath morning.

Please keep in contact, care for each other as much as possible during this time of isolation.

The latest info from the Conference

4 thoughts on “COVID-19 Response”

  1. Thanks for uploading this, we really enjoyed it! The kiddos especially like seeing Pastor Sean on our TV 🙂

  2. It’s wonderful to be able to stay connected through this means. Let’s keep our eyes on Jesus. We are almost ‘home’. Are we taking advantage of these times to draw closer to our Savior and share with others what He has done and is doing for us? He is longing for a love relationship with each one. Looking forward to the time we will back worshipping with our church family again.

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